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Red Square & Kremlin in Moscow, the USSR - arguably the first and the most matured socialist/communist country in the world (1917-1991).  Most of the time communist USSR was ruled by a dictator and the communist terror.  After bankruptcy, economical collapse and revolution of 1991 the  country  returned to pre-Soviet name  Russia.

United States Capitol in Washington, USA - the most powerful country in the world after the end of WWII ( 1945).  United States is the capitalist superpower, republic, created and built by American people in 18th, 19th and 20 centuries.

Seemingly unusual name of this site reflects actual reality of my and my wife lives, which consists of more or less equal two periods of time.  Those periods are so different from each other, that for both of us it was almost impossible, especially first several years in the USA, to find any similarity between our lives in the USSR (the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics = the Soviet Russia = the Soviet Union) and the USA.  Up to now, very often we refer to about 40 years of our life in the USSR as our first life and 39 plus years of our life in the USA as our second life.  We lived the first life in the country, which claimed that it has successfully built Matured Socialist and later Communist political and economic systems.  We live the second life in the USA, the country, which foundation is Capitalism.  Unfortunately during our first 32 years in the United States we have noticed that the country was slowly changing from capitalism to crony capitalism and during last 6-7 years started changing rather fast to the actual or even Matured Socialism.  The latest developments pushed us to create this site and to publish information about our first life in the country of Matured Socialism.  We hope that knowledge of history and real life in the first Socialist/Communist country, which was one of two world superpowers and existed 74 years before complete bankruptcy and collapse, will help Americans critically treat and resist  anti-American pro-socialism and pro-communism propaganda, tirelessly spread by left liberals schools and universities, many TV stations, news papers and magazines.  We should always remember the famous quote "Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it." 
B.V.  September, 2015

Note:  After 39 years of living in small towns of Iowa and Illinois конкурс I forgot Russian to some degree and I have not learned English good enough.  I am sorry and I beg my readers pardon for my poor English.

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